Weird News of The Week

Weird News Of The Week!


Police in a small British town received an emergency call from someone who was breathing hard and unable to speak. Assuming it was someone in distress, they dispatched officers, who found Mary Amos Cole chasing her dog, Leighton, around her garden, with her cordless phone in the dog’s mouth. She said, “I had no idea he was able to dial out." 

...caught in the act #1! (courtesy

In England, cops set up surveillance videos to reveal the identity of the vandal who'd been flattening tires in their town for months. They were stunned to find the culprit: a border collie owned by a local family, who bit and punctured tires, inconveniencing nearly a dozen drivers.

...caught in the act #2!

Florida’s Christina Hines accidentally left behind a $50 bill on the counter of a convenience store. The clerk tried to get it back to her, but she had already driven away. So, a sheriff’s deputy offered to go after the woman and return the money himself. When he caught up with Hines, she sped off and led him on a chase, even after her tires were shredded from spike strips. When the arrest was finally made, police found heroin and hypodermic needles in her car. She ended up arrested all because she had forgotten $50 at a gas station.         

A Florida man appeared in court this week to answer drug possession charges. Judge John Hurley was baffled when he was presented the case, and couldn’t believe that the name of the man in front of him on drug charges was named Edward Cocaine. Cocaine was being charged with possession of Xanax.

he's not on cocaine...his name is Cocaine! (Broward Co. Fla. Sheriff's Dept.)

Chicago’s Nahshon Shelton didn’t have to cash to pay the 22-cent sales tax on his $1.79 two-liter of Pepsi, so he did what all of us would do…he pulled out a .22 caliber gun. Shelton told police, "This is my neighborhood, I’m tax exempt!”

The IRS, the government agency charged with keeping track of all of our taxes, failed to upgrade 53% of their Windows XP-based computers before Microsoft retired the system last week. Now, the IRS will have to pay Microsoft so its remaining 58,000 computers can be upgraded. By some estimates, this will cost the IRS $11.6 million per year.





In Oregon, Ross Allan McMakin's girlfriend called cops, saying Ross too drunk to drive. By the time a deputy pulled him over, McMakin had driven into oncoming traffic, sped along a sidewalk and smashed into a mailbox. The 21-year-old was wearing a T-shirt proclaiming himself to be "Drunk as [crap]." Cops his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit.

click image to see the full picture, with expletive-NSFW (screenshot via HuffPostLive)

A crook in Florida swiped a stranger's credit cards and used them to go on a shopping spree. Wolfgang Schneider stopped at a Publix mini-market where he racked up a charge of $1.69, then high-tailed it over to a nearby Walgreen's where he added a whopping $1.05 to the total. Schneider is being held on $3,000 bond for his theft, totaling less than $3.

Larry Clinton is a lifelong fan of Duke's Mayonnaise, a regional brand known around the southeast. He loves it so much that he wants to spend the rest of eternity inside a mayo jar. His daughter told the company, and they custom-made two jars for him, with his full name on the label. Dad is happy, but hopes he doesn’t have to use the jars anytime soon.

Duke's custom Mayonnaise label with Larry's name-click image for larger view (CF Sauer)

Manhattan court stenographer Daniel Kochanski went rogue during a criminal trial and repeatedly typed, “I hate my job, I hate my job” instead of the trial dialogue. Kochanski, who has since been fired, wreaked havoc on 30 cases. It may have jeopardized hard-won convictions by giving criminals the chance to claim crucial evidence is missing.

A laptop was stolen from a New Hampshire home last year. He couldn’t crack the password, so he called Apple computer to see if they could help. They asked for the MacBook's serial number, and used that to send a follow-up email to the registered owner, who alerted police. They tracked down the 24-year-old thief, and arrested him Monday.

Britain’s 17-year-old Shaun Dibsdale took a ride in a kiddie swing, which was fun…until he couldn’t get out. He was wedged in the seat for a solid 30 minutes before firemen were able to free him. They needed a trusty Allen key to take the swing apart. Dibsdale was treated for thigh injuries by paramedics before being taken home.

Big kid stuck in little kid's swing (courtesy SWNS)




You may have noticed that a preponderance of weird news stories come out of Florida. even has a separate category called "Florida." And now, an enterprising writer at Buzzfeed has put together a list of the 101 Most Insane Things That Have Ever Happened in Florida. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS AMAZING COMPILATION OF WEIRDNESS.


A tree-trimmer in Pennsylvania is miraculously alive after taking a chainsaw blade to the neck and nearly losing his head. James Valentine’s chainsaw slipped and caught him right in the side of his neck. Lucky for him, the blade got stuck in muscle and missed a major artery. Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the blade and Valentine is said to be doing well.

X-Ray of the chain saw blade that almost took a man's life (KDKA/Allegheny (PA) General Hospital)

An Illinois man broke a bowling record with a score of 280. Now, scoring a 280 has been done many times before and it's not a perfect game, but Andrew Cowen did it bowling backwards. Cowen says bowling backwards doesn't put any extra strain on his arm. He didn't even look back to see how many pins he knocked down. He was able to tell by the sound.

Las Vegas casino bar masseuse Christina LaFave agreed to a private massage session with Kenneth Herold. While in his room, she asked him to remove his $35,000 Rolex, but when she was done, the watch was gone. LaFave she had no idea where it was, but an X-ray showed that she’d placed it in a very intimate part of her anatomy. She faces two felony counts.

X-Ray showing the exact location of the missing watch (YouTube)

Can you imagine being rich and owning a yacht? Now, can you imagine being so very rich that you forgot you even had a yacht? A Norwegian man has finally claimed his luxury yacht that he had forgotten about for two years. The boat was left in a Swedish harbor with the keys still in it. Police found the owner, and now he has to get the boat and pay two years' of harbor fees.

A car bomber in Dublin, Ireland, was injured when his explosives went off while he was planting them. The bomb went off inside a Volvo SUV just inches from his face. The man was able to stagger away and was ultimately arrested. The unexpected explosion happened because he may have failed to reset the clock on his explosives for Daylight Saving Time.

Actual picture of the car bomb that went off too soon (Twitter)

A Spanish couple's outdoor sexcapade came to an abrupt and unexpected end when the woman fell into a 30-foot well. The couple decided that the top of a boarded-up well shaft looked like a good place. But the boards broke and the woman fell, while her partner took off and left her there. He's likely the one who placed an anonymous emergency call to police.